HealthLink for Pathology

Secure & reliable

Patient Information is encrypted for security, with acknowledgements that the message has been received.

Improve efficiency

Save time and money when compared to paper based workflows such as faxing and post.

Expert technical support

Peace of mind with free technical support by telephone and email, every business day from 8am until 5pm.

Accurate and reliable information is paramount for patient care within the healthcare system.

HealthLink Secure Messaging software enables diagnostic service providers to exchange patient information in an efficient, cost effective, reliable and secure way. The HealthLink Messaging System is used to secure and send patient results/reports to your referring healthcare providers. It is used by most GPs, laboratories, radiologists, specialists, allied health, public and private hospitals.

Communicate with over 60,000 Australian healthcare providers, HealthLink Messaging System simplifies information exchange in an easy but incredibly reliable way. HealthLink utilise state of the art Australian based data centers and infrastructure that complies with stringent privacy regulations. Automate reporting systems, replace paper-based workflows and improve efficiency. HealthLink provides your referring Doctors with a robust and lightweight service that is free for them to use as part of our standard service.

Benefits to Healthcare Providers

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