HealthLink Provider Directory

The HealthLink secure messaging network is Australia’s largest providing access to more than 11,000 general and specialist practices, and over 1300 labs and hospitals.  That equates to some 60,000 providers in general and specialist practice, with many, many more in the allied health, Hospital and Health Service segments.

Ensuring that our subscribers have access to the most accurate and up to date details in their systems in the most efficient manner is of the utmost importance to us.  Knowing the wide array of Practice Management, reporting and clinical systems in use in the Australian Market, it is important that HealthLink provides a few different ways of obtaining provider “endpoint” addresses and capabilities.  This allows our network subscribers to access the directory service in the manner easiest and most efficient for them.

As a subscriber to HealthLink you can get access to our Directory Service via an API, via the Best Practice or Medical Director Address Book integration, or via our Online Directory  from any web enabled device.  How you access the directory will depend on your practice management or reporting systems, but no matter how you access it, rest easy knowing its provided to you free of charge.  After all, what’s the point of a secure messaging service if you cant find anyone to send to.

Federated FHIR Directory Service

For the corporate customer, it makes sense for your system to have direct access to the directory that provides your staff with the delivery address for your reporting systems, without all the time and effort of local manual maintenance.  The Directory Service API is based on the Australian localisation of the FHIR directory service profiles, making it easy to connect to and consistent with other web enabled technologies in its terminology and use. The API can also be used in numerous ways dependant on what is best suited to your needs.

The FHIR directory service is integrated directly into Best Practice Premier and Medical Director Clinical systems, with work currently being undertaken by other leading systems vendors.  Better still, should you wish to consider delivery into the Telstra Health (Argus) or Global Health (ReferralNet) Sealed Message Delivery  (SMD) networks, you can utilise the HealthLink Directory Service to look to their directories where you cannot find the provider you need in the HealthLink Directory alone.  This gives you a number of choices where it comes to delivery options, making that step towards axing your fax one step closer to reality and further increasing your return on investment for integrating the directory service.

HealthLink Online Directory

The HealthLink Online Provider Directory provides easy access to HealthLink users so that they can quickly find the messaging address of a provider or Healthcare service  they wish to collaborate with securely.

All HealthLink subscribers get access to the online directory when they subscribe and, and each user can edit their own practice or provider details in the directory to allow for easy maintenance rather than having to call or email someone to update it for you.  Of course should you wish to email us to update your details, you are most welcome and can email these updates to [email protected].

Data in the Online Directory mirrors the data available to our corporate users allowing for all HealthLink customers to have access to a single directory via whichever means is easiest for them.  Furthermore, our Provider Map also provides an easy view of HealthLink enabled services in your local area, or in another area should you wish to collaborate with a healthcare provider in another state or city.