HealthLink Smart Forms

HealthLink Smart Forms enable any healthcare provider to electronically refer a patient to any other healthcare provider or related service.


Easy, fast referrals

Electronically refer a patient to any other healthcare provider or related service.


Improve efficiency

Reduces the time the costs involved with paper handling, distribution and duplication.


Expert technical support

Peace of mind with free technical support by telephone and email, every business day from 8am until 5pm.

HealthLink SmartForm Tracker

Last updated: February 2023

SmartForms submitted (AU)

Connecting Healthcare across Australia

SmartForm Technology is helping facilitate the secure and synchronous transfer of patient referrals. Many Statewide and National SmartForms are now under development. Doctors using Best Practice Premier, Medical Director Clinical and Genie Solutions software can get access to the following SmartForms related to their geographic location:


List of available forms

Available with leading GP clinical software systems

Watch how to access and complete HealthLink SmartForms from your system

Benefits to healthcare providers

  • Timely and Cost Effective
    Direct database-to-database transfer of data ensures quality data is transferred between healthcare providers.
  • Automatic Validation
    Data is validated to ensure the required information
  • Access to the latest forms
  • The latest version of the relevant Smart Form is downloaded from HealthLink’s secure server.
  • Key Features:
    - Greater efficiency and effectiveness
    - No rekeying of information or intermediary administration
    - Backed by expert technical support from HealthLink