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Many State-wide and National SmartForms are now under development. Doctors using Best Practice Premier, Medical Director Clinical and Genie Solutions software can get access to the following SmartForms related to their geographic location:


  • My Aged Care e-Referral
  • Australian Hearing Medical Certificate
  • Chris O’Brien LifeHouse – Hospital e-Referral

Australian Capital Territory

  • ACT Health – Canberra Hospital e-Referrals
  • ACT Health – Application to Prescribe Control Medications
  • Private Specialist Referrals

New South Wales

  • Transport for NSW Fitness to Drive Medical Assessment
  • Private Specialist Referrals
  • Sydney Local Health District Hospital e-Referrals (Region specific)
  • Northern NSW Local Health District Hospital e-Referral (Region specific)
  • ACT Health – Canberra Hospital e-Referral (Region specific)


  • Mater South Brisbane – Hospital e-Referrals (Region specific)
  • Motor Accident Insurance Commission – Online Medical Certificate for QLD CTP Claim

South Australia

  • Return to Work SA – Electronic Work Capacity Certificate (Partnered with Telstra Health)
  • Private Specialist Referrals


  • Tasmanian Hospital e-Referral
  • Private Specialist Referrals


  • Victorian eReferrals Program

      • Austin Health – Hospital e-Referral
      • Banyule Community Health
      • Eastern Health – Hospital e-Referral
      • Northern Health – Hospital e-Referral
      • DPV Dianella Plenty Valley Community Health e-Referral
  • Monash Health e-Referrals

      • Monash Health – Hospital e-Referrals
      • Monash Children’s – Hospitals e-Referrals
  • Private Specialist Referrals
  • Mercy Womens Hospital e-Referral (Available mid-2022)
  • Mercy Werribee (Available mid-2022)

Western Australia

  • Private Specialist Referrals

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Medical Director


“It’s very easy and less cumbersome”

Dr. Adarsh Gulati
General Practitioner, Dr. Adarsh Gulati, NSW

“It’s very easy and less cumbersome”

Dr. Adarsh Gulati
General Practitioner, Dr. Adarsh Gulati, NSW

“Easy to use and love how it integrates with Medical Director through HealthLink”

Rosyln Fullick
Practice Manager – Weston Surgery, NSW

“Quite quick and easy to complete a complex referral.”

Dr. William Poh
General Practitioner – Malvern Road Medical Centre, NSW

“So much quicker with details pre-populated, user friendly”

Debbie O’Loughlin
Practice Manager – Peninsula Medical Centre, NSW